Still in Beta

This week we have a lengthy discussion of Elder Scrolls lore, talk about the new Terminator movie, Terminator, and try to describe the indescribable. That is, we try to summarize the plot of Transformers: The Last Knight.

Nintendo just announced a wild new peripheral system using cardboard, I’ve got a hard time staying engaged with Chrono Trigger, and we talk about what could be the dark future of Elder Scrolls games.

It’s a new year, so we talk about old games, like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy XII. We go into a discussion about loot crates and how they’re all Blizzard’s fault then move on to VR. And at some point I start laughing at William’s grim idea for a dating sim.

It’s our last episode of 2017, so we talk about some of the games we’ve played for a bit, like Golf Story and Dream Daddy. I start to talk about Shadow of War before we get sidetracked about comic book movies. Then we wrap up with our game of the year discussions.

We talk a lot about Kingdom Hearts, what a weird game Zelda 2 is, The Death of AIM, Garfield, The Godfather I & II, how Game “Journalism” is full of people who apparently don’t like video games, and Kingdom Hearts. This episode could also have been called “It Smells like the Sapranos in here.”

We talk Fallout 4’s Creation Club fallout, how Kingdom Hearts is just a mess, conspiracy theories, and wrap it up with some good and very bad ideas for Stranger Things themed drinks.

We talk maybe too long about what to name a phone app that can help you avoid defecation. I talk about murder possibilities in Dishonored 2. Fallout 4 VR. Game of Thrones, but not the current season, and how Netflix is making mostly garbage shows now.