Still in Beta

We talk a lot about Kingdom Hearts, what a weird game Zelda 2 is, The Death of AIM, Garfield, The Godfather I & II, how Game “Journalism” is full of people who apparently don’t like video games, and Kingdom Hearts. This episode could also have been called “It Smells like the Sapranos in here.”

We talk maybe too long about what to name a phone app that can help you avoid defecation. I talk about murder possibilities in Dishonored 2. Fallout 4 VR. Game of Thrones, but not the current season, and how Netflix is making mostly garbage shows now.

We made it. It took a while to put this one together, but we’ve got our 50th episode. As a special treat, this one is an audio commentary for the movie Tsunambee, an animal + disaster portmanteau movie that William prophesied about back in 2014. So, if you’re listening to this by itself, you’ll be pretty confused. If you listen to this while watching the movie, you’ll be very confused. This movie is just a mess. You can find the movie on Amazon streaming for $4. Thanks for listening!

Hey, this one’s pretty serious and we talk about games and serious business like Wonder Woman and how it’s not garbage, but not great. E3 happened, so we talk about the new game that was shown, The Last Night. Also, I only realized this while posting, this is now a three year old podcast…

PodcastIcon We cover a lot of ground about how to name murder-bots with acronyms, what our custom Sonic characters would be, I finally make sense of the Sonic lore, and what we want out of a Jurrasic Park: The Musical.

More of the worst impressions you’ll hear on a podcast as we talk about casting voice actors. The Last Guardian’s dog AI. Second hand knowledge of Breath of the Wild. And how to steal things as a team in Divinity: Original Sin.