All posts for the month November, 2021

This week we talk Arby’s Curly Fry Vodka and what the future of quick service liquor holds. Hob, wrapping up Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion. More talk about The Ascent’s odd design choices. Skyrim is coming out again? Remember VR? And the insanity that has been the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition release and why I should stop being excited for things.

This week we talk a bit more about Ghost of Tsushima’s Director’s Cut. GTA’s PS2 Era trilogy is getting a remake to the surprise of no one, leading to a discussion of 2000s era nostalgia being in. Finally we talk about Batman again and how Kevin Conroy is still the best, and we also start to wonder if we’re even still Star Wars fans at this point.