PodcastIcon More of the worst impressions you’ll hear on a podcast as we talk about casting voice actors. The Last Guardian’s dog AI. Second hand knowledge of Breath of the Wild. And how to steal things as a team in Divinity: Original Sin.

PodcastIcon A lot of talk about Danny Devito as we do our Game of the Year discussion. What if Danny Devito starred in Dora the Explorer? What if he and Arnold Schwarzenegger had their own reality TV show where they lived together? Who played that lady Terminator in the third one, the one about time travel? We answer all of these questions.

PodcastIcon I complain about Wind Waker, but not about what you think! We discuss Dr. Strange, how you rate killing children, and upcoming super hero movies. There’s also a lot of Batman in this one. Happy Thanksgiving!

PodcastIcon We talk No Man’s Sky, The fluidity of Game development, Doom and meat confetti, and how some things just don’t hold up to our memories we have from when we were kids.

PodcastIcon It’s our first episode to not feature William and things get weird quick. We talk about Pokemon Go, Phil gushes about his undying love of Overwatch, and then we get into a long discussion about the evolution of games.