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This week we talk a bit more about Ghost of Tsushima’s Director’s Cut. GTA’s PS2 Era trilogy is getting a remake to the surprise of no one, leading to a discussion of 2000s era nostalgia being in. Finally we talk about Batman again and how Kevin Conroy is still the best, and we also start to wonder if we’re even still Star Wars fans at this point.

It turned out our first episode of 2020 was our last and only. But we’re going at it again now remotely. We try to catch backup with what we’ve been playing, Death Stranding, New World, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Ascent. We also talk about the Mario movie casting.

First episode of 2020. We go over some of the games we’ve been able to play over the holidays, like Nier: Automata, Jedi: Fallen Order, Disco Elysium, and even Death Stranding! Put your fluids in tubes and carry the corpse of your mom!

Actually getting a little political and talking about China. I’m playing the goose game. And we finally get back to talking Batman, but in a way that we don’t actually talk about Batman and instead talk about Joker.